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Self-Acceptance with Kelly McGonigal,PhD, Kristin Neff,PhD and Tami Simon
A Two-Day Intensive for the Brain, Body, and Heart in San Diego, CA, Feb 6-7 2016

Is your inner critic the loudest voice in your mind?  Is it easier for you to extend kindness and forgiveness to others than to yourself? If so, you’re not alone. Even after years of spiritual practice, self-improvement, or therapy, many of us still find self-acceptance to be the hardest challenge we face.

With Self-Acceptance: A Two-Day Intensive for the Brain, Body, and Heart, you’re invited to a weekend dedicated to helping you cultivate this essential quality. Hosted by Sounds True founder Tami Simon, this experiential workshop features two of today’s leading experts in this emerging area of study, Dr. Kristin Neff and Dr. Kelly McGonigal. Come together in a beautiful seaside setting to explore the latest scientific research on self-acceptance—and learn transformative practices for treating yourself with kindness, honesty, and love.

Stanford University/San Francisco Bay Area Events

Stanford Continuing Studies (quarterly public courses in psychology; registration required).

Summer 2015 . The Science and Practice of Strengthening Compassion Course through Stanford University Studies (open to the public; meets Tuesday evenings 7-8:50, June 30-Aug 4). Registration is open; tuition is $215.

To arrange an event:

My keynotes, corporate speaking, and all events requiring travel (within the U.S. or internationally), are managed by The Leigh Bureau speakers’ agency. To arrange an event, please contact them directly at 1-908-253-8600 or speakerinfo@leighbureau.com, or fill out this form. For engagements in Japan, please contact the Tuttle-Mori Agency.

If you would like to set up a smaller or local event, such as a book talk/signing, workshop, or fundraiser for a non-profit/charity, please fill out the event request form at the end of this page.

Because I receive many requests, I will respond most quickly to those that provide all relevant information, including purpose of the event and proposed budget. Thank you!


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  1. If you are going to have a world tour, PLEASE add China to your list!Really looking forward to see you in person!! Love your books and lectures. I’ve already recommended them to everyone I care about~~Wish you happy and healthy everyday!

    AKE D

  2. Dear Dr. Kelly McGonigal,

    I’m your passionate fan of your great book “Willpower Instinct”.

    I got a strong impression from your book because it looked like your book could solve my problem which I’ve encountered through my life and never conquered it: every year I set a goal, but never reached it.

    First, I read your book with expectation that it would be any help to improve my English skills, however, as reading it, I found that it’s totally different from the ordinary surface discussion of many “How to Books”.

    Your book tells much more fundamental way, based on the human beings, how to set and reach a goal, and what kind of actions we should take in daily life.

    I believed your suggestions in your book are completely true and effective.

    It has been passed four months since I finished reading your book, then set my goal, and started to take small actions everyday.

    Now I can send this message to you by continuing English learning according to your tips. It’s very surprising when I consider I could not speak or write any sentences in English three months ago.

    Here, I would like to tell you my goal, dream for the next year.

    “I will plan a small event here in Japan to share your findings on Willpower, and invite you there to hold your public speech”.

    Is it unrealistic dream?
    I don’t think so.

    See you someday in 2015 or 2016, here in Japan with your passionate thousand of fans !

    Best Regards,

    From Hiroyuki Katoh, one of your fans living in far east, Japan.

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