The New Science of Stress

Thank you for being a part of the Upside of Stress workshop through Stanford Continuing Studies!

You can download the slides from the workshop below: (right-click the link and “save as” on a PC; control-click and “save as” on a Mac). Clicking directly on the links will open the PDF in your browser.

StanfordStressWorkshop_Handouts (handout-format PDF, best for printing & note-taking)

StanfordStressWorkshop_June2015_ColorSlides (full-color, full-size slides PDF, best for viewing on a computer) Note: This is a very a large file (>200 MB) and takes a while to load. It is intended to be viewed on a laptop or desktop, rather than a smaller mobile device.

Smaller files for faster download:

If you have read the book the workshop is based on , you might enjoy checking out this blog post, where I share videos and more information about some of my favorite people and organizations mentioned in The Upside of Stress.

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