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Thank you for attending one of my IDEA World Sessions! I hope you enjoy these resources.



Resources for Mental Health Update Lecture

Slides (in PDF form): IDEAWORLD2013McGonigalExerciseMentalHealthUpdate

Key Review Articles:

Exercise, yoga, and meditation for depressive and anxiety disorders (Saeed, Antonacci & Bloch 2010)

Exercise and the treatment of depression: A review of the exercise program variables (Stanton & Reaburn 2013)

Physical activity and brain plasticity in late adulthood (Erikson, Gildengers, & Butters 2013)

Putting brain training to the test (Owen et al. 2010)

The great outdoors: How a green exercise environment can benefit all. (Gladwell et al. 2013)

My most relevant IDEA Fitness Journal Continuing Education Articles:

Some are available to the public; others will require you to login as an IDEA member.

Training for Mind-Body Resilience (member only)

Brief Bouts and Baby Steps

Mindfulness and Weight Loss

How Can Clients Keep Their New Year’s Resolutions (member only)

Facilitating Social Connection through Fitness

The Science of Willpower

Resources for Yoga Practice

Free Yoga Practice Videos courtesy of Yoga Journal – I filmed these four practices as a part of a program I did with Yoga Journal called “Boost Your Willpower.” You will need to sign up for the free program by giving them your email address, but you will get access to the videos (2 active flow practices, a restorative practice, and a gentle breath-based flow practice) as well as four guided audio meditations. You can access one of the videos without signing up here.

My book Yoga for Pain Relief includes accessible sequences of breathing stretches, simple breath-based flows, and breathing exercises/meditations.

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