Upcoming Public Courses & Programs

1/17/15. The Science of Willpower and Change 1-Day Intensive at Stanford University (open to the public). Registration opens 12/1 and will fill fast.

Upcoming Live Online Courses & Programs

2/9/15—3/20/15 . The Science of Willpower and Change Online Course through Stanford University Studies (open to the public). Registration opens 12/1. Limited enrollment with on-demand lecture videos, practical exercises,  and live weekly video chats/Q&A.

On-Demand Courses & Program

ChoosetoChangeChoose to Change from Sounds True. Do you feel stuck in old habits that no longer serve you? Have you been struggling to make a change that you know will bring greater health and happiness into your life? Dr. Kelly McGonigal presents a six-week online video course on the process of intentional change that blends lecture, experiential exercises and guided meditations, Q&A with participants, and more. CE credits available to a range of healthcare professionals. This series includes videos of previously live sessions, as well as downloadable MP3s of all meditation/self-reflection practices in the program. Get immediate access online at Sounds True.

The Neuroscience of Change: A Compassion-Based Guide to Personal Transformation presents six live (unscripted) talks and twelve guided self-reflection and mediation practices to support the process of change. This audio series integrates the most exciting scientific findings about how the mind works with the wisdom of mind-body traditions like yoga and Buddhism. It deepens some of the most important ideas from The Willpower Instinct, including the importance of mindfulness, self-compassion, and acceptance for change. The program also provides practical support to help you explore and embody these qualities through breathing, meditation, and relaxation practices. You can order the 6-CD set OR download the program in MP3 format at Sounds True. CE Credits available for the downloadable version. Or order the 6-CD set from any major bookseller, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-a-Million, Chapters (Canada), and Indie Bound.

CSPsychologistMy fall 2011 Stanford University course How to Think Like a Psychologist is now available as a series of free, downloadable videos through iTunes university. In this fun course, I invited my favorite psychology and neuroscience researchers at Stanford to talk about their work and what it means for everyday life and real-world problems. Each class starts with a 45-min lecture by the guest speaker, followed by 30 minutes of Q&A from myself and course participants. I had a great time grilling these amazing scientists about everything from politics to education, parenting, and the scientific process.  Speakers include: Chris Bryan, Philippe Goldin, James Gross, Bridgette Martin Hard, Brian Knutson, and Greg Walton.  Check out the full course at iTunes.