Watch: The Willpower Instinct Book Talk

The Willpower Instinct is now available in paperback! (Dec 31, 2013)

Below is one of the first talks I did to promote the book, back in January 2012. It’s still one of my favorites, thanks to the fun crowd.

Author and Stanford University psychologist Kelly McGonigal, PhD, shares her favorite studies and strategies from her new book “The Willpower Instinct: How Self-Control Works, Why It Matters, and What You Can Do to Get More of It,” followed by a lively Q&A. Topics addressed include dieting, health, addiction, quitting smoking, procrastination, motivation, teaching/education, mindfulness, sleep, cravings, exercise, goal-setting, habits, self-compassion, guilt, and shame. Book talk at Capitola Book Cafe in Capitola, CA, January 11, 2012. Sadly, the baked goods and chocolate were available only to attendees at the live event!


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  1. loved the presentation….however I think the title could be , “self compassion or break bad habits rather than ‘Lose weight’

    • I too agree, why does every book title have loose weight in it, it almost seems as if there is someone at the publisher that says,” oh let’s not only make that book about compassion, but is there any way we can insert loose weight, that is a trillion dollar business”. For some reason, I visualized that in my head as soon as I read Sandie’s comment. But more than that I simply admire Kellie, started with a yoga video and then a few articles and then her books, she would seem to be an old soul in a young woman.

      • I love both these comments. I’m changing the title now! I used that title b/c the theme of the book talk was the 3 most common New Year’s resolutions (#1 is to lose weight). But I agree with you. Thanks for the feedback!

  2. Very nice series of applications to ignite and/or reignite ones’ self-direction abilities towards success in almost anything, yet goes past just the concepts and clearly outlines strategies and tactics to make it happen. From losing 60 lbs. at 15 years old to going on to obtain an MBA after sustaining a TBI from a car accident much later, the entire presentation and book
    go way beyond point of view and reflect the way it is. Thank you……..

  3. From losing 60 lbs. at 15 y/o as a male, to recovering from a TBI sustained in an accident, the strategies and tactics outlined go way beyond just point of view and are more like the way it is….Great read

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