Watch: The Science of Willpower on The Today Show

It was a blast to be on The Today Show! Check out the interview discussing my new book The Willpower Instinct,  and my Stanford Continuing Studies class “The Science of Willpower.”

Click to watch: The Today Show Willpower Tips

Interview by Matt Lauer. Original broadcast: 1/3/2012.


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  1. So on the money, this is. Better than most can fathom.

    I just saw the TED on oxytocin as the chemical anchor for morality, and now this. =D

    An emphasis on what is skillful (a rabbit hole unto it’s own), with the science to back it up, even unto supporting the value of admirable friendships!

    If this is your thing, you might also enjoy the seminal work of Thanissaro Bhikkhu, the preeminent Pali-English translator, Thai Forest monk and epistemologist:

    Great work Dr. McGonigal!

  2. I am re-reading “The Willpower Instinct”. I am a life coach, NLP practitioner and a hypnotist. Since I read this book I changed the way I explain how the mind and the brain works to my clients, and I teach them some of the techniques from your book. I wish you did a class in the NY area, or even had it on consecutive days so people can attend from out of town. I read a lot about neuroscience and this book put it all together for me. Thank you!

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