Science Help for Better Sex, Weight Loss, Getting Out of Debt, Stress-Free Parenting, & More

Whatever your New Year’s Resolution, there’s a science-help book for you.  You’ll get great advice mixed in with the funniest, most fascinating stories and studies science can provide. I put together my favorite science-help books for every possible New Year’s Resolution.

Check out the slide show on the Huffington Post’s Books Section.

[Excerpted Below]

The self-help shelves are full of guides on weight loss, health, happiness, and self-improvement. But sometimes the most life-changing ideas and advice are found in the science section.

As a health psychologist, it’s my job to help people make difficult changes. I learned early on that it was easier to change people’s attitudes and behaviors with a fascinating new finding than with platitudes or pleading. The right study doesn’t just convince you that you should do something. It gives you a whole new way to understand yourself and the world around you.

For example, when I show my Stanford students videos of an addicted rat willing to be electrocuted for its next fix, they report back that remembering this image gives them the willpower to resist temptation. Pictures of how the brain responds to bargains helps shopaholics understand their need to buy; studies showing the importance of self-compassion for weight loss convinced dieters to stop calling themselves fat, lazy, and hopeless.

And in my experience, it’s these “A-ha!” insights that give us the inspiration and motivation to make a change for good. That’s why I wrote The Willpower Instinct – to give people enough A-ha moments to tackle any challenge.

Want to know my favorite picks for science help to be happier, get fit, save money, have better sex, lose weight, break bad habits, be kinder to yourself, and more? Check out the slide show on the Huffington Post’s Books Section.

Bookstore browsing image by Martin Cathrae, licensed under Creative Commons.


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  1. Thank you for providing this information on science books etc.

    I pre- ordered your new book on Will Power released on December 29, 2011, however, there was a glitch in Amazon.Com’s wireless delivery system, and I have yet to receive the eBook on my Kimble. I have read the comments posted on Amazon.Com’s website and they are very favorable and highly recommend your new book.

    Wishing you a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year.

    Yours very kindly,


  2. Will there be a discussion board for readers of the Willpower Instinct? I would want to connect with these people, to create support groups, through online chats.

  3. Dear Kelly, I want to know if people with OCD and severe depression or both could get any benefit from your valuable book? Thank you very much. Best regards.

    • I hope so — many people who have taken my classes have been dealing with these and other challenges (anxiety disorders, addictions, trauma) and reported some benefit, whether increasing self-compassion or reducing suffering. A book isn’t a cure, but many of the strategies described (especially in chapters 6 and 9) are based on research conducted specifically on anxiety disorders, PTSD, addiction, etc.


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